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You are going to need more than just your EMR to understand, engage, measure and improve your patient population health care and risk stratification demands. Your EMR is great at analyzing a single patient, but Population Health is about your practice as a whole.

Our Population Health module gives you the tools to aggregate, analyze, alert, and achieve results. You can achieve better patient care, a reduction in patient costs, and an increase in practice productivity, which can all lead to an increase in revenue.

Designed to work across platforms, you can use ac Population Health in any office combination of specialties or EMRs.

Our Population Health module retrieves your patient data and creates easy to read charts and reports that reveal gaps in care and quality measures as well as population trends. This module includes several unique components which can work together or alone. The Chronic Care component identifies opportunities to enroll your patients in care plans, resulting in incentive revenues and better patient care. Automated patient outreach via voice or text allows you to notify patients that preventive or overdue health maintenance is needed. This promotes better patient outcomes and drives higher revenues by bringing more patients in the door, and by helping you focus on the patients that really need your help.

Configurable screens makes analyzing data from your practice clear using filters like payer, provider and category. Modules included are:

  • Care Gaps
  • Quality Management
  • Chronic Care Management
  • Patient Engagement Metrics
  • Patient Risk Management

Proactive patient care and Risk Management is key to healthier and happier patients. But keeping up with which patients are due for which procedures can be a manual and laborious chore in an EMR. Practices have seen improved patient health outcomes along with increased practice profits.

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