Our Story

Owning or working in a medical practice today seems harder than ever.  Harris CareTracker’s story begins over 15 years ago when we embarked on a journey to ease that experience. We believed then, as we do today even more, that having the right connectivity, coaching and workflow frees up a practice to focus on what is most important – driving up profits and productivity which benefits everyone on your team.

We want you to get it right the first time
Regulations and changes in reimbursement are putting additional pressures on staff and consuming practice income at alarming rates. Our continued focus on integrated online education with a built-in rules engine makes sure all existing and new employees are always up to date with the tools to help them get it right the first time.  The dynamic relationship, between what users enter and a feedback loop, elevates accuracy leading to higher productivity, increased cash flow and less re-entry. Clients immediately see significant increases in first pass claims, more efficient ways to communicate with patients, and alerts along with clinical decision making tools to document activity that increases alternative revenue streams.

It should not be a secret if something needs attention
The difference between being good and being great is how you manage tasks that require attention. We took a different approach for finding the outliers usually found by staff running reports. We dug deeper. Every authorized user will see a single screen dashboard view of the amount of items that need attention organized by Front Office, Billing and Clinical areas. Drilling down on each amount will present refined detail along with work lists to aid in getting the tasks done in one smooth workflow experience. This dashboard exposes the pulse of the entire practice with statistics on missing encounters, unpaid claims, insurance denials, open lab orders, unsigned notes and much more.  Seeing the entire practice health through one screen with drill down details enables the practice to keep moving forward.

What gets measured gets done
The difference between being great and staying great is making sure your practice sets targets and measures results against those targets.  We wanted a model that would help management teams set targets and measure virtually everything about your business against those targets.  A rich set of reporting tools are available to easily compare insurance plans, payer mix, days in AR, staff and provider productivity along with mix of various patient populations for quality, front desk copay percentage, treatment effectiveness and many more.

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