Revenue Cycle Management

The Harris CareTracker Revenue Cycle Management professionals are dedicated to providing billing expertise and peace of mind. Our team of certified billers have years of experience and knowledge to immediately assist in managing your practice’s claims processing and billing, while working with insurance companies and patients with outstanding balances.

  • Accelerate claims processing and improve your practice’s cash-flow.
  • Minimize the expense of collections.
  • Assistance in day-to-day operations due to loss of employees or inexperienced staff

Harris CareTracker’s Revenue Cycle Management team will make your practice better. Click here for more information.


We know that a transition to a new Practice Management or Electronic Medical Records system can be replete with headaches and anxiety.  From the initial inquiry, to when you are ready to go live, Harris CareTracker’s expert Professional Services team will provide your practice a hassle free experience, by seamlessly leading you every step of the way.

Implementation services include:

  • Live on-site or teleconference training options
  • Flexible timeframes
  • Customization of services and products
  • Expert knowledge of systems and workflow
  • Ability to integrate previous data and records
  • Access to Harris CareTracker’s Learning Management System and support

Process Improvement

Whether it being new employees coming on board or your office staff feels they are constantly playing catch-up, it’s difficult to pin point why your office may not be running as smoothly as they should be.

Let the Professional Services team audit your office’s workflow, and figure out if there is a more efficient way of moving forward.  These experts, many of whom have worked in hospitals and medical offices, can provide tips and tricks to get your office back on track, and help save you significant time and money.

Custom Reporting

Are there specific metrics your office is seeking, but do not see a report template for it?  You now have the ability to create a report using our Report Manager customization tool, right in Harris CareTracker.  Report Manager allows you to input what information you want, in the order you want it, from all points of data within Harris CareTracker PM and EMR.  This report will then save under your company for future use.

Laboratory and Radiology Interface Integration

Do you with to have the ability to send and receive orders and results directly into Harris CareTracker?  Let our Interface Integration team assist by setting up a direct link between your office and one of the over 400 facilities we are currently connected with!  For a list of facilities, please visit the Connections tab in Harris CareTracker or click this link to contact a representative.