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Cloud-Computing Technology

Easy to Implement and Use

Harris CareTracker is built using cloud-computing technology, so you get instant updates, reliable connectivity, and access to complete global content — all for a lower total cost of ownership. With Harris CareTracker, you simply pay a low monthly subscription fee: no more hassles with architecture management, software, IT fees or obsolete technology. From any Internet-connected computer, physicians can access a secure web interface that is connected to a network of labs, pharmacists, specialists and hospitals.

Time: Immediate startup via quick and easy implementation with online training

Simplicity: Cloud-only solution that connects via web browsers on any computer, available anywhere, anytime

Value: Multiple feature-rich upgrades and always current content included with low subscription pricing and minimal commitment

With Harris CareTracker, the only IT requirement to allow authorized users to log in is a secure web connected PC or laptop. Once logged in, users have instant access to patient medical records allowing them to quickly perform clinical activities such as reviewing charts and patient populations, send and approve prescriptions, and message physicians across the care continuum. Harris CareTracker combines clinical, billing, and administrative workflows together, providing direct access to industry leading coding and compliance solutions to help aid in the ICD-10 transition.