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Practice Management

Financial Proactive Intelligence

Harris CareTracker automates time-consuming administrative tasks such as eligibility checks, scheduling, reminders, patient visit documentation and claims submission. It includes:

  • An interactive dashboard that prioritizes work lists automatically so important tasks don’t get overlooked.
  • A rules-based, front-end clinical editing tool that scrubs outgoing claims prior to submission
  • An online code lookup software embedded directly within the claims screen that are available to ensure coding accuracy
Physician Practices

Productivity Through Simplicity

Built from the ground up by billers, and used by top revenue cycle management teams across the nation, Harris CareTracker helps enable physician practices achieve greater efficiency by streamlining day-to-day operations.

With built-in workflow rules, user alerts and real-time reporting functionality, it delivers the flexibility needed to manage administrative issues before they become problems so you get the right reimbursement, right on time.

Physician Practices

Simplify Health Care Payment Processes

Payment Connect helps practices increase patient collections and reduce operational costs while enhancing patient satisfaction. Payment Connect is an easy-to-use solution that’s fully integrated with Harris CareTracker, supporting card swipe and real-time processing of credit/debit cards.

  • Increase collections: Many providers have seen an increase of up to 200% in their collections and have quickly collected on patient responsibility.
  • Enhance patient satisfaction: Many patients already pay their household bills online; Payment Connect gives them the convenience of paying their doctor’s bills online, too.
  • Go green: Patients can securely view their statements online and receive their statements electronically.
  • Reduce operational costs: Reduce time and money to collect, post, and reconcile payments.
  • Security: Payment Connect is certified at the highest levels of the health care and financial industries
Physician Practices