Harris CareTracker Electronic Medical Records

At Harris CareTracker, we understand that efficiency is paramount to your physicians and nurses. Harris CareTracker EMR allows you to rapidly navigate thru your patient’s medical history.  With the click of the mouse, your clinical staff will have easy access to all of the information and documents specific to your patient.  Our Provider Favorites, customized Order Sets by specialty, and Progress Note Quick Text features facilitate a smoother patient/physician encounter, eliminating the monotony of time consuming typing by the physician and clinical staff.

Experience the ease of prescribing medications directly to the pharmacy, or receiving results electronically from one of the hundreds of Harris CareTracker’s Laboratory/Diagnostic Imaging group partners.

Harris CareTracker Electronic Medical Records improves provider/patient experience by allowing face time instead of screen time.

Click here for ONC Certification details and Understanding CareTracker’s Price Transparency Statement.